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Humis Vineyard

Est. 2010

-   ABOUT US  -

Although Michelle and Hugh began Humis Vineyard  in 2010 it has felt like a life time in the making.

Originally from rural New South Wales  and Victoria, Michelle and Hugh came to establish Humis Vineyard after many and varied jobs in Agriculture, Corporate Finance, Information Technology, Mining and Construction.

Like many before them, with unbridled optimism, a love of wine, agriculture and work, in 2008 it was decided to establish Humis Vineyard.   After two years and many property searches later,  Hugh was driving along the Heathcote Rochester Road past a dry and dusty Lake Cooper when he noticed a paddock for sale.  It had it all, access to irrigation water, a vein of the reverred Cambrian Soil running through it and a nice slope down to the Lake.  What with the Australian Wine industry on it's knees, what was to be a four year drought in full swing and general optimisim with in agriculture being at an all time low the decision was obvious.  Buy.

April 2010 began what was to be a hectic few years.  Installing irrigation and trellis, planting some 23000 vines, building a house and sheds on site and making many mental notes along the theme of 'probably should have read about that'.  All the while still working and making sure the Humis twins Tex and Mallee weren't being too neglected along the way.

It's getting towards the end of 2015 as this website goes live and we're just about to start selling wines from our first three vintages.... a blink of an eye really.

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